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Epi Genetics + Long Term Eating Habits = Your Present Weight Level

How the eating habits we acquired in the past profoundly affect our food choices today.

How Genetics are no longer the prime influence on our health and wellbeing.

Epigenetics provides us with the insights, analysis, tools and strategies for permanent healthy weight loss.


Perhaps you’ve never heard about the excitement in medical and scientific circles about the latest revelations in the field of Epigenetics. But before we go any further, you’re probably wondering what on earth Epigenetics really means. Is it contagious? Can we get it at the grocery store? Does it come in my size? So let’s start by answering an important question: “What exactly is Epigenetics?”The formal description of Epigenetics refers to the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than by an alteration of the genetic code itself. That might not tell us very much but it really is an important statement! It’s no longer simply a case of identifying which particular genes you have. We now know that it’s the way your genes are influenced and made to work that makes the difference. Gene expression accounts for so many of our characteristics. And changes in gene expression have been related to a very wide range of environmental influences and that includes – are you ready for this? – what we eat! Yes, that’s absolutely right. The kind of food we consume every single day, the quality of the food we eat, the eating choices we make all contribute far more to our total health and well being than was ever appreciated before. It’s not a question of being pre-programmed by our DNA.


We’ve been bombarded by articles and news items for decades telling us every day that everything in our lives is caused by our genes. But what if it isn’t just the genetic luck of the draw? What if our health is connected far more to how we live, to what we eat and a whole range of external factors that we can influence? What if we’re not programmed to be fat? What if it’s about the choices we make? It’s becoming increasingly clear that the choices we make are incredibly important to our health and well being. This means we really can influence our health right now right down to the cellular level and that obviously includes our weight as well. This is the breakthrough in our understanding that is revolutionising our entire approach to health and weight control. Our genes do not determine our weight. The answer is not in your genetic code. It’s on the end of your fork!

So when we consult the latest reference works in this exciting new area of scientific research, we find that Epigenetics demonstrates the importance of influences which are firmly outside the traditional genetic system. This is the conclusion of Lyle Armstrong, whose research programme is widely respected at the Institute of Genetic Medicine at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.

Modern biology is rewriting our understanding of genetics, disease and inherited characteristics. This is the view of Nessa Carey in her fascinating book “The Epigenetics Revolution”.

This means that our understanding is also undergoing a revolution. The popular media still love to produce stories every day telling us that so many health problems are simply the result of your unlucky genes. But that’s practically Medieval in terms of medical science. We now know that we really can take the necessary steps to take control of our general health, our health concerns and our weight. This must be one of the most important medical discoveries of the age.

Let’s also bear in mind that science is not a fixed commodity. In an age of extraordinary technological advances, our knowledge and understanding of how the human body functions are being tested and challenged every single day. That’s why research is so important. And research changes the way we understand everything. This revolutionary development in our understanding of how the body really works is laying the foundation for all future medical analysis and treatment. The epigenetics principle represents one of the most important changes in how we are going to manage health issues in the future, from disease prevention to maintaining long term health.

The exciting thing is that we don’t have to wait for the future to take full advantage of these discoveries. We are going to use it to get healthier and skinnier right now! We are going to show you the smart way to take control of your weight, and it’s the way your body will love the most. We’re going to help you to get into the best shape of your life!. And we’re going to show you how to stay that way.

What does this mean for you right now? Well, let’s see if we can re-cap the essentials of the Epigenetics revolution. To start, we know that our genes definitely gave you a set of fixed characteristics. Eye colour, height and bone structure are examples of pre-determined characteristic donated by the genes you inherited from your parents. But many areas of your life and wellbeing can be determined by the choices you make. Weight control is a perfect example of this discovery. We now know that life span and the risk of contracting many diseases can be influenced by how we live our lives. The way we eat, the chemicals we absorb, the stress levels we endure all contribute to our health profiles and, most importantly, can change the way our DNA behaves. These minor alterations in gene behaviour can work in our favour or they can most certainly work against us. They can even be passed onto future generations.

So we have a direct responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and also for the welfare of future children and grandchildren. If you’re interested in the technical background to this amazing phenomenon, the critical factor is a chemical code known as the epigenome. This chemical coating surrounds your DNA and can switch certain genes off and on. So Epigenetics is primarily concerned with the study of this chemical layer and how it influences the way our genes function. Studies demonstrate that our genes only suggest what might happen in terms of our future health issues; our behaviour is much more important in determining the outcomes.

“There’s nothing you can do about your DNA, but you can influence the way it functions by changing your lifestyle,” says Ajay Goel, Ph.D., Director of Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention at Baylor Research Institute.

As a great example of how important this discovery has been for future health issues, even if you have a family history of certain kinds of cancer, eating particular foods can instruct the epigenome to switch off the cancer-prone genes. You might want to read that paragraph again. The message is just too important to miss. The right kind of diet can switch off disease-prone genes in your DNA. Say it loud. Take the message on board. You are speaking the language of the future. One recent study involving mice showed that cells that could have turned into fat were more likely to be turned into bone tissue purely as a result of cardio-vascular exercise. This is the moment when the tide of obesity turns. This is when we recognise that we need to change our metabolic function as well as our food intake. This is when we finally take control of our weight issues. Now is the time to accept responsibility for our health and wellbeing and take the necessary steps to put things right. And keep them right!

If you’re still keeping track of the technical data behind these revolutionary studies, you might like to know a little more about methylation. This is a really interesting area of research but you might not want to make it your specialist subject when you go to parties! It’s an incredibly important topic but most people, especially the ones who prefer to believe that they’re just the unfortunate victims of their ill-fated DNA, probably don’t want to have their illusions shattered. But you will know. And knowledge, my friend, this kind of knowledge is power.Diet is a much easier subject to study than stress or other behaviours. It’s been much easier to explore the effects of diet on epigenetics than the effects of the wider environment. So we know a great deal about the way food impacts on our genes. The way we digest food involves the extraction and processing of nutrients that enter specific metabolic pathways.

One of these metabolic pathways is responsible for producing the methyl groups and it is these methyl molecules that are highly significant in influencing gene expression in our DNA. So what should we take to encourage this important methyl-producing pathway? Folic acid, the B vitamins and SAM-e (S-Adenosyl Methionine) are essential components for encouraging healthy production levels of the methyl. Diets that are rich in these nutrients can have a rapid and dramatic effect on gene expression.Intelligent nutrition and appropriate exercise promote efficient fat-burning, healthy muscle building, longevity and wellness. Using your body’s natural ability to respond to good nutrition, we can turn away forever from the nightmare of gaining and storing fat, losing muscle mass. We can reduce the risk of disease and illness. A brighter future beckons. The promise of Epigenetics.As we mentioned before, our physical characteristics are largely based on our parents’ DNA. Protecting your DNA from malfunction is not a luxury option anymore. It’s an essential task for all of us to undertake to ensure better health, quality of life and sustainable wellbeing. Dr Trygve Tollefsbol wrote in the 2010 edition of Clinical Epigenetics that adding methyl-modifying compounds to the diet can help reduce the incidence and severity of disease. So we know from all the evidence that is being produced on a daily basis that you can reprogram your genes to favour weight loss, improve overall health and boost longevity by following three very simple procedures. You might want to put these ideas on your fridge right now!

Weight loss is all about insulin; moderate your production by eliminating sugar and grains (yes, even whole grains) and you will lose the excess body fat you desire without dieting—plus you will improve your energy levels, reduce inflammation throughout the body and eliminate disease risk.

Eating good quality fat ….vegetable and some correctly sourced animal protein with high good fat content is not only healthy but is the key to effortless weight loss, a healthy immune system and boundless energy.

Combining your typical cardiovascular workouts with strength sessions can produce fitness benefits far superior to cardio workouts that are much longer and more exhausting and this change of emphasis can eliminate the risk of burnout.

These principles are sacred and mark the beginning of your transformation. They are so important that they need to be practised and respected every single day. They are the foundation for much of the change we are creating. You could finish the book first but the only time you have to begin the revolution is right now. So let’s make the commitment right this instant to use those principles and kick start the new life we’ve been waiting for. Right now!

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