The Seven Keys To Total Abundance

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Abundance. Such a beautiful, resonant word. An evocative key to so much potential and personal happiness. But what does the word suggest to you? We all have our personal reactions to the word and inevitably add our own distinctive meanings. Does the word imply wealth, riches and material comfort?

Does it refer to happiness and the less tangible pleasures of life? Do you have your own precise definition for abundance? The question is important because abundance can mean so many different things to each of us and part of our mission in the Seven Keys To Total Abundance will be to learn to employ the word in its broadest possible interpretation. We’re going to explore abundance across the entire spectrum of our lives and discover the richness that abundance can add to every moment of every single day. We are going to develop practical techniques to maximise abundance across each level of our daily experience and learn to express our potential in the most meaningful ways possible.


One of the sources that inspired me to share these insights and methods was a study conducted many years ago in the United States. It measured success across a wide range of parameters, examining the experiences of thousands of participants and evaluating the quality of their lives. Surprisingly, only four percent of the sample described themselves as happy, successful and fulfilled. A sad reflection perhaps on the fact that even significantly wealthy individuals were largely unhappy with their lot. But the study also revealed something completely unexpected.

The habits, behaviours and attitudes of that extraordinary group of individuals that made up the four percent were transferable. The habits and behaviours could be learned. Just like any set of skills, they could be acquired through regular practice. The study was published with the intention of encouraging everyone to learn how to lead a life that reflected their greatest potential for success, for happiness and for an abiding sense of self fulfillment. The study has been largely forgotten but its conclusions and message of hope live on. I believe that there has rarely been a time of greater need for humans to learn how to live up to their potential. The raw materials are within all of us. They always have been. We’re going to get those goodies out of storage and put them to work on your behalf. And, in addition to improving your life, the experience should be a great deal of fun!


Our quest for abundance begins the moment you begin to ask yourself whether your life could be better. The revolution really flares up when you start to question the rules and habits and conventions that govern your life and how you’ve lived it. It’s a scary question but – is this really as good as it gets? You probably believe deep in your gut that things could be better but you’ve been too busy keeping your head above water to think too much about what’s missing or about what you’d need to do to make a difference. I know.

We’ve all been there. And most of us struggle with the issue because we tend to resist change in any shape or form. We’re creatures of habit that specialise in muddling through and getting by! The secret to the process of transformation is to learn to use our energies in ways that will benefit us. Rather than sustaining our old habits with the familiar old feelings and emotional habits, we’re going to learn how to use that same energy to work in our favour. We’re going to learn how to use all that energy for our benefit. You’ll be so surprised at the depth and range of the changes you can engineer in your life by engaging these methods; you’ll probably want to use them for everything you do. And why not? They’re valid, they’re totally effective and you get to choose how they can be used every day in your life to create extremely positive outcomes and results.


These methods and techniques are yours now. They belong to you. They’re yours to used them all the time. Discover the real potential for abundance and experience the solid, measurable changes that take place in your life as you put the methods into practice.

Total abundance covers every aspect of your life. We’ve divided the programme into seven convenient sections, each one addressing key areas in your life that will benefit directly from focused intervention, dynamic transformation and increased abundance.

1.Physical. We begin with your body and apply decades of research and experience to the issues of health and physical well being. This is a vital area for everyone and the list of positive benefits that flow from a healthy body are far too long to itemise here. Feeling well and fully energised can revolutionise your life and significantly boost the quality of everything you do. It’s the foundation of our lives and the place where we will begin. Feeling healthy is the first step in developing a full spectrum programme of abundance.

2.Mental. Your life is deeply influenced by your thoughts. The mental components of our perception exercise a profound effect on how we perceive ourselves, the world around us and everyone in it. Developing focus and better concentration sharpens our awareness and gives us powerful tools to deal with our daily tasks. Learning to use the brain effectively opens up a very powerful resource that will influence every level of our daily experience. This is our second area of exploration and a powerful key to improving and directing our lives.

3.Emotional. The most neglected area of personal potential and one of the largely unrecognised keys to creating all-round abundance is the hidden emotional realm that extends its influence into every aspect of our lives. Developing focused, positive, emotional responses is an essential tool for creating inner well being and for building the tangible abundance that can make life a much more comfortable and rewarding experience.

4.Creative. Executive function provides a direct channel for expressing our dreams and bringing our goals into reality. Most of us are conditioned to feel helpless from a very early age, to ignore our capacity to make things happen, to close our eyes to our ability to solve problems and forge change out of the raw materials of our circumstances. It’s time to engage our creativity and push back the limits of our beliefs and expectations. It’s time to unleash our creativity.


5.Spiritual. Humans have been exploring the most profound questions surrounding their existence since we climbed down from the trees and learned to walk on two legs. That inner drive to understand ourselves from the deepest possible perspective, to make sense of ourselves and the contradictory world we inhabit, expresses itself most often as the quest for spirituality. Life is certainly a richer experience when we explore the inner realms and our connections to the rest of the universe. Spiritual abundance is harder to measure mechanically but remains a very powerful resource in developing the gifts of discipline, fortitude and inner calm.

6.Financial. The idea of creating wealth certainly motivates countless individuals to buy books and courses on abundance. But fear of money too often dominates our horizons and produces extraordinary stress in our lives. We intend to change that perspective and make money a powerful and positive influence in your life. Material abundance is a perfectly valid expression of our need for comfort and security and we’ve dedicated an entire chapter to this essential and powerful subject.


7.Relationships. The way we relate to everyone else is a fundamental measurement of the quality of our lives. Identifying and resolving areas of conflict can produce major breakthroughs in enhancing our peace of mind and free up emotional resources that are better employed for our goals and ambitions. Learning to be at peace with ourselves, with our past and the world around us can unlock unimagined abundance.

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