Paleo Epigenetic 12 Week Menu

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Your life is about to receive a major boost. You know that you are absolutely what you eat. Smart eating is the body’s best defence against disease. And now The 365 Paleo Epigenetic Diet Revolution Recipe Book is ready to arrive on your dining table and revolutionise your health and well being!


Packed full of the most delicious, nutritious and life-affirming ingredients, the all-new Recipe Book will kick-start your health programme and help you to get in the best shape ever – whilst encouraging you to really enjoy the process! Who said intelligent eating was boring? The Paleo Epigentic recipes are so delicious – you’ll want to use them every day, all the time.



The book is ready. It’s waiting. Get your copy now and start your personal health revolution today. Because you absolutely deserve to have the best health ever.

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Get your Book now :The PALEO Epigenetic RECIPE BOOK: 420 Paleo Meals, 365 Paleo Recipes, 12 Paleo Food Categories, BONUS 12 WEEK PALEO DIET and MEAL PLANNER: Your Ultimate Paleo Smart Genetic Guide ( FAT FREE FOREVER)