How to Bring Abundance into YOUR LIfe!

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Abundance has such a warm, positive tone. It conjures images of wealth, opulence, plenty, happiness and well-fed well being. But there’s more to the word’s potential than a simple snapshot of easy comfort.

We’re going to consider abundance as a much broader description of a powerful force that can be applied to every aspect of our lives. We’ll look at abundance as a source of celebration and consider how to bring its benevolent touch to all areas of our lives.
And why would we wish to do that? Well, it all started about thirty years ago with a survey. The researchers interviewed thousands of people across the United States in a detailed attempt to evaluate the quality of peoples’ lives.
Of the large numbers who took part in the survey, only four percent considered themselves successful, happy and fulfilled. This was surprising because even individuals with very large amounts of money at their disposal were living lives that were, for the most part, fairly miserable. How was that possible? If money was the source of security, recognition and happiness, what could possibly be going wrong? The answer could be found in the four percent.
These people demonstrated that it was entirely possible to be wealthy and happy. More importantly, the researchers discovered that the people who made up the four percent practised behaviours that could be transferred. Anyone could learn how to be successful, fulfilled and happy.
That important conclusion was the inspiration to bring abundance into the public domain and focus on practical methods to create abundance at every level of our lives. In conjunction with the material published by myself and my colleagues at One Life Wellbeing, that’s the prime mission of this Blog. We really wish you the greatest fruits of total abundance and hope you enjoy the ride.