Greg’s new book “Change your Life, Change your Posture”, is available now to help with your pain

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imageAn Excerpt from Greg’s powerful new book: “Change Your Posture Change Your Life”

Revolutionise YOUR Posture.


As a Pilates and Yoga teacher, it’s been my privilege to work with some extraordinary people and witness the total transformation of their lives. I’ve seen people recover from crippling injuries, survive life-threatening illnesses, release their past and learn to embrace life with strength, optimism and enthusiasm.  

The pioneering work of Dr Alexander Lowen, whose methods I was inspired by, recognised the connection between posture and psychological health. He was a brilliant psychologist who dedicated his life to the development of more effective therapies for treating mental illness and inspired a generation of doctors, therapists and mental health specialists.  

Our posture absolutely and completely reflects how we feel. Posture impacts directly on how we see the world around us. It influences our internal landscape and encourages us to experience a whole range of specific emotional reactions. Posture deeply reveals how we really feel. Posture either encourages or inhibits our creativity. Our posture connects directly to our health.


The way we live in our bodies reflects our emotional state. But if we change our posture, even in seemingly small ways, we immediately begin to influence how we feel and how we behave. Perhaps that’s why so many self-help books ultimately fail to help. So many books and self help courses try to force change by persuading the conscious mind to do things differently. That’s challenging, to say the least. You know why? Your conscious mind is not in control of most of your thoughts and feelings. It’s the behaviors and conditioned responses encoded in our subconscious from early childhood that drive our behavior. And that programming connects directly into our posture.


Change the posture and you begin to change the programming. Modify posture and our entire outlook shifts. Learn to use the body in a more positive manner and our thoughts and feelings become more positive too. Because they’re deeply connected. This is not a new idea. These concepts have been with us for thousands of years. They’re a fundamental aspect of the human condition. So welcome to an important moment in your life. A moment when things really can begin to get better. And it all begins with our distant evolutionary past!


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