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How to become a Business Success Magnate: (Essential Principles that Govern Real Life Sustainable Business Success): Incredible Follow Up Sequel to the Bestselling Wealth Magnet Series


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Once in a lifetime, an extraordinary book emerges that transforms our understanding of how to create wealth and build a better life for ourselves and for our families.



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New Release 28th May
101 Habits
The 101 Habits provides a treasure house of wisdom and practical methods to transform your life and put you in touch with your real potential.
Designed to be followed either in sequence or as a perfect companion to consult whenever you face one of life’s inevitable challenges, The 101 Habits are a constant reminder of what is truly possible in this life. It’s a well-charted pathway to personal fulfillment and the manifestation of your dreams.

Mindful Relaxation Blueprint New Release 30 April

Pain Management
Greg Parry draws together ancient insights from the timeless traditions of effective mindfulness with the latest research into the amazing complexity and mechanics of brain function. The result is a seamless exploration of the most effective methods to tame your stress, to release a lifetime of tension from your body, to master the random flow of your thoughts and re-shape the emotional framework that has conditioned so much of our behavior.

Change Your PostureDoes posture really matter? Yes, it surely does.

We are a complete reflection of our posture and most of us have issues based around how we use and hold our bodies. The message couldn’t be simpler or more profound: change your posture and you will change your life. And the time to make those changes a reality is right now. Change your posture and change your life.

Total Abundance
The 7 KeysA tour de force exploration of the full potential of total abundance, the 7 Secrets guides the reader through the dynamics of improving life at every level. It’s practical, it’s direct, it’s effective and the methods have a great provenance from the fields of neuroscience and behavioural psychology.

Life is too short to be wasted on living with less when the potential for so much more is at our fingertips.

21 days
21 Days to TotalDo you feel that your life could be better? Do you miss waking up feeling full of energy and enthusiasm? Has your life lost its mojo? Is it time for a change? A real change? Was that a ‘Yes’? Congratulations!

The answer is now right here at your fingertips. Welcome to your personal formula for total transformation.

Sleep better
21 Days to TotalBetter sleep. It isn’t a luxury option in your life. It’s the essential missing ingredient to help you live life to the full!

Greg shares his insights after working with thousands of clients who have had some kind of sleep difficulty over the years. He will open up your understanding and equip you to get the kind of really refreshing sleep your mind and body really deserve.