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image (22)Medical science has saved countless lives and continues to support the health of billions of people every day around the world. But sometimes the dazzling brilliance of medical advances and modern surgical techniques obscure the direct influence that each of us can have on our bodies, our health and our overall well being. Good health can be encouraged through our daily habits and behaviour.


A recent example springs to mind! Can you imagine a young man of thirty-four, overweight, drinking too much and smoking between forty and eighty cigarettes a day, in poor physical shape and suffering from high blood pressure and alarmingly high cholesterol?


He visited his doctor for advice, to get some much-needed help and a prescription to make him feel better. To her credit, the young doctor made it absolutely clear that the young man’s health was entirely his own responsibility. She explained that he needed to lose weight, stop drinking alcohol for a year and quit smoking forever. He also needed to start moving his overweight body, walk round the block a few times, start to breathe properly and do a few gentle stretches.


In this way, he wouldn’t need any medication, especially since the drugs wouldn’t fix the underlying causes of his problems. The doctor confessed that she was obliged to offer him medication if he refused to follow her advice but that the best results would only be achieved if he followed her recommended change in lifestyle.


Our friend thought about the doctor’s advice and had to accept that the lady was completely right in every way. It was definitely time for a change. So he changed his diet, lost ten kilos, quit smoking and gave up alcohol, began to take walks and, one year after receiving the good doctor’s timely advice, his blood pressure and cholesterol levels were completely normal. And he can taste his food again.


So when we’re faced with the choice of either letting someone else (like a doctor) take responsibility for our health or changing our behaviour to maximise our wellbeing, let’s remember the example of our young friend and take action today to give our bodies the best possible opportunity to feel great. Preferably without a prescription and definitely with total respect for the miracle of natural good health. You owe it to your body and your body will immediately show its appreciation. Good health!

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