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IMG_3007Is there a connection between the way we feel towards money and our ability to create and enjoy wealth in our lives? It’s an intriguing question because there are thousands of books and manuals on the subject of how to make money and they generally assume that you’re already totally prepared to do whatever it takes to become wealthier. But very few of them pay any attention to the role of our attitudes in the great game of generating more wealth for ourselves and those who depend on us for their well being. Attitude, however, is more important than you might initially appreciate.

When you embark on any project to enhance your material standing and well being, you begin with a clearly defined set of goals. Even at this primary phase of your plan, your attitude will reveal its influences. For example, you might feel more comfortable aiming for an objective that is far beneath your potential for success. Or you might not take your goals seriously enough to follow them through to completion. And you notice that I used the word ‘feel’ a couple of sentences back. That was completely intentional because our attitudes most often express themselves through our feelings. Attitude is most easily understood as an emotional state that supports the way we interpret the world around us and how we connect to those impressions. When we develop a robust and positive Trilogy 13th november from amazonemotional framework towards the possibilities that exist in our lives, we influence the way our brains function and we change the way we perceive some of the data that flows into our senses. We begin to notice things that might have been ignored by the highly efficient filtration system that the kind employs to avoid being overwhelmed by the millions of bits of data that bombard our senses every single second. A positive attitude tunes our senses to the specific details that can enhance our plans and goals. Setbacks no longer determine the eventual outcome of our dreams and aspirations. We remain focused on our goals and encourage the positive attitude of expectation that identifies the myriad opportunities that move us ever closer to our chosen destination. And a positive attitude is the key to that powerful shift in perceptual awareness. In many ways, it’s the essential, missing link in so many plans for success. So take the greatest possible care of your attitude and turn it every single day towards the accomplishment of all of your goals. The attitude of success places an enormous advantage on your side. Don’t leave home without it!

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