Wealth Bestows Blessings

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Do you ever look at the news and wonder where all the money comes from? We read stories every day about mergers and acquisitions, company takeovers, government investment programmes and the sums are simply staggering. But there’s an important clue in the numbers because we easily forget that there really is no shortage of money in the world. That’s right. Money is absolutely everywhere on the planet and it exists in such vast quantities that we can’t begin to grasp the sheer scale and power of its influence. And this is a very helpful insight because, if we go through life believing that there’s never enough, we effectively blindfold ourselves to the incredible opportunities that surround us every single day. Opportunities to increase our wealth, to live more comfortably, to use our success to help others, to live a life that celebrates the incredible progress we’ve made as a species.

Trilogy 13th november from amazonThis might be one of the most important insights we can gain into the nature of wealth, the realisation that money exists on such an unimaginably vast scale. Knowing this helps us to understand that we don’t have to fight for a limited, rare and meager resource. There is really is more than enough for everyone. Absorbing this fact can help us to approach the subject of money with a more confident and relaxed attitude. And that makes the creation and acquisition of wealth so much easier. Knowing that it’s everywhere, that there’s more than enough, that it’s available to everyone, that’s it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy the fruits of success. That wealth truly bestows blessings and allows you to pass those benefits onto others.

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