Understanding Yoga

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cover (2)Have you ever dreamed of discovering the elixir of youthful and enduring beauty? many of must believe in it because there are plenty of cosmetics companies that are willing to spend an absolute fortune advertising their creams and potions as the secret promise of renewed youthfulness but, for the most part, they’re only offering a thin disguise to hide the ravages of time! But is there a better way to offset the effects of ageing and restore a more natural state of youthfulness and vitality to our bodies and to our complexions?

We know that stress ages the body at an accelerated rate. We know that poor nutrition adds to the severity of the problem. But we often experience problems in the form of aches and pains that are a result of poor mobility and a consequent loss of flexibility. How many of us sit for hours at a time in a fixed position in front of a computer screen? Poor posture and a lack of movement conspire to rob us of our suppleness and produce a host of unpleasant side effects. This is where Yoga can transform our lives. The gentle application of the poses and stretches can reverse the challenges of our poor posture and help us to become much calmer, more centred, more balanced and much more resistant to stress. Turn down the stress response and our bodies respond by working much more efficiently than before. We soon discover that the daily practice of Yoga can turn back the hands of time and lend a youthfulness to our bodies and faces that has to be experienced to be believed.

Learning to relax really works. For example, an early experiment in clinical hypnosis encouraged the volunteers to imagine that they were going back in time, regressing all the way back to the age of five. The change in their faces was quite remarkable as they naturally appeared so much younger. Tense muscles relaxed. Frown lines disappeared as their facial expressions took on a childlike appearance. The results were recorded and it’s fascinating to observe how much of a difference can be achieved simply by encouraging an individual to relax and let go of their daily habits of stress and tension. You may have seen pictures of Yogis whose age is impossible to determine because they express such a profound sense of calm and wellbeing. It is a completely natural condition and one of the great rewards of taking a few minutes a day to practise the ancient methods of Yoga. You do not have to be flexible. You just have to be able to sit and it really is possible to adapt most of the beginner’s postures to suit almost everyone. Then, with a little patience and daily practice, the real miracles begin to show up. Most of us benefit enormously from the improvements in our posture and flexibility. We learn to breathe more naturally. Our digestion improves. The old familiar signs of stress begin to slip away and we discover new ways of moving and holding ourselves. This natural re-alignment of your body can eliminate countless sources of pain, unlocking cramped muscles and pinched nerves, improving blood flow and aiding concentration. Once you discover the benefits of daily, gentle practice, the habit becomes natural and automatic and you’ll look forward to this precious oasis of calm that you create for yourself every single day. It really is never too late to start but today would be the best day of all to begin your own personal exploration of your real potential. The results could simply astound you as they’ve astounded countless numbers of practitioners before. It’s one of the most wonderful ways to restore humans to their most natural condition. And it feels wonderful.

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