Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Celebration

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The holiday season brings so many great opportunities to relax and celebrate but it can easily be a time of unnecessary strife and stress. So, here are twenty fabulous tips to help you survive the holidays with your happiness and your sanity intact!

1. Get organised – The sooner you begin to prere for the festivities, the easier everything will be
2. Drink less – That’s right. Less alcohol will put less strain on your body and keep you fresh
3. Eat healthily – Avoiding toxic, sugary food will boost your energy and enhance your mood
4. Slow down – Trying to do too much too quickly is a formula for serious stress
5. Don’t over-commit – You only have time to do things that are worthwhile. Choose carefully!
6. Learn to say No – This will help you to focus on the things that are both relevant and important
7. Delegate – Hand over tasks to others and enlist their support
8. Work from a To Do List – Knowing what needs to be done in advance is a sure way to take better control of the tasks
9. Get enough rest – Don’t neglect your need to sleep and be prepared to take naps whenever necessary
10. Take lots of breaks – Go for a coffee, see friends, get a massage. You’ll feel so much better
11. Work from a budget – Over-spending is one of the major stressors during the holodays season
12. Treat yourself – You deserve rewards and recognition for getting things done. Do ‘t neglect yourself
13. Share your feelings – It’s so important to have trusted friends you can talk to. It’s a life saver!
14. Remember to enjoy yourself – Approach the holidays as a time of fun, relaxation and enjoyment
15. Give time to help others – Helping others who are in need or less fortunate is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday spirit
cover16. Say thank you – Acknowledge everybody’s help and contribution
17. Be grateful – The attitude of gratitude comes from your heart
18. Be a great example – Lighten up, smile and encourage everyone to celebrate the festivities with a glad heart
19. If things get too much – Check in with your doctor to get sound advice and any help you might need
20. Breathe more deeply every hour and learn to let go of the stress.

And happy holidays!

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