The Seven Steps to Beating Stress

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image (18)1. Posture

During the day, take a short break every hour and ask the question: “Where are my shoulders?”

Move your shoulders back a few millimetres and let them settle into a lower, more relaxed position.


2. Breath

As you relax your shoulders, breathe in deeply. Use the rib cage to draw the breath in then deepen the in-breath by using your diaphragm. Relax. Don’t force the breath. Hold the breath for a couple of heartbeats and breathe out completely, emptying the lungs, exhaling fully. Pause for a second or two and return to normal breathing.



3. Language

As you relax your shoulders and breathe deeply, repeat the splendid affirmation – “I feel safe. I feel secure. I am strong. I am serene”.



4. Internal dialogue

Choose positive, strong and assertive language for your thoughts and run the affirmations every hour.


5. Stretch

Reverse the symptoms of stress by allowing your body to move freely, without resistance. Let go. Relax. And gently stretch your back.


6. Relax

Lie on the floor and let go. Relax the entire body especially before you go to bed. Avoid anything that could stimulate the mind or emotions before you go to sleep and breathe deeply, releasing tension, welcoming the powerful relaxation of refreshing sleep.



7. Make friends with your body

Every morning when you wake up, greet yourself in the mirror with a welcoming smile. And make sure you mean it!

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