Habits – A Learned Behaviour

habits1Are you tired of being angry? Well, anger does take a lot of our energy so it will most surely make you tired. But anger is nothing more than a habit, a way we learned to react when we were very young. A habit. Nothing more. A learned behaviour. So, if we want to, we can learn to behave differently. We can learn to catch ourselves getting angry and recognise the symptoms, the change in our posture, in our breathing, our thoughts and feelings. Then we can make small, subtle shifts and changes in our posture.
Breathing more slowly, relaxing our shoulders, holding our breath for a second or two and suddenly – the conditioned reflex changes. Anger only exists because we fuel it with our emotional energy. Cut off the fuel and the anger ceases to exist. Instantly. Let’s begin today by letting go of our anger and using our emotional energy to feel wonderful. Your body will thank you in so many ways.

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Awareness : Know About Health and Wellness

AwarePhysical exercise is a vital component in our health and wellness routines but we tend to neglect the importance of training the mind. Our thoughts and feelings seem to have a life of their own and refuse to follow our directions. But it is possible to exercise greater control over our thoughts and feelings by developing awareness, becoming conscious of how our thoughts arise and pausing to release them, learning to become more detached until we can begin to choose our thoughts more carefully.
This is the gateway to inner peace and a valuable tool for well-being. Begin gently by pausing for a moment and noticing what’s going on around you. Notice the details. See everything that’s happening and switch on your awareness. Breathe. Notice your thoughts and feelings and relax. This is the foundation of mindfulness and one of the gateways to liberation.

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