Take Action – you can do anything

Take ActionDon’t delay. Procrastination eats up time and opportunity with equal indifference. If you know what you really want in this precious life, take action right now to make your goal a reality. The first step is the most important. Take that step. Begin the journey. Take action. Do something to take you closer to your dream. Don’t leave it until some perfect future moment. Start right now. There is only this moment in which you can do anything. So seize it. Use it. Start moving towards your goal. And remember to enjoy the journey. The act of taking that vital step can harness enormous potential to bring you closer to your goals and dreams. Do it now.

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List- Think About Your Life

listWhat’s missing from your life? Take a few minutes to relax and check your secret list of everything that you feel you’d like to have in your life. See if you can extend list to include fifty items. Begin with your material circumstances. When you’ve covered the obvious areas of physical comfort and security, list the things that you feel are missing in other areas of your daily experience. Remember, this list is not for sharing. It’s for your eyes only. You’re free to write down anything that occurs to you. You don’t have to explain the list. It’s a reference point for future developments. When you’re finished, put the list somewhere safe. Take it out again in a week’s time and read through it. See if anything needs to be changed.Now choose the items that you feel are essential but missing from your life and make a plan to bring them into your life. Then take action to make the plan a reality Now.

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