Day 98

Strengthen your core muscles. If you suffer from lower back pain, this is one of the best things you can do to relieve the discomfort and live a life free of back pain. Our core abdominal muscles are tough, strong and capable of extraordinary endurance. When they’re engaged, they help to release stress and tension from our vulnerable lower backs and support the body in the most natural way possible. Our first objective is to banish pain from our bodies so that we can move, stretch and exercise with maximum comfort. Once we can move easily, exercise becomes easier and we can work on our fitness whilst reducing the chance of injury. This begins with our deep abdominal muscles. Nature gave them to us for a purpose. Let’s put them to work right now!

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Day 106

If humans ever needed a reminder of their power to transform their lives in an instant, we should remember to laugh and to laugh heartily and often. Even when the laughter is forced, our bodies react instantly and release tension. Laughter changes our outlook, encourages us to breathe more deeply, banishes fear, diminishes our attachment to our problems and helps us to feel more confident, more centred, more capable. Perhaps we take ourselves a little too seriously. Perhaps we imagine that we are the only ones with problems. Perhaps we feel that we really are important and should conduct our lives with gravitas and seriousness. Well these attitudes just get in the way of your deeper power, your well-being, creativity and capacity to enjoy life. So let’s use the body’s natural ability to release stress, anxiety and tension by laughing out loud. Make it a habit. You’ll feel so much better!

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