Day 90

Whether you believe in the reports of global warming or not, I’ve always thought we should treat our environment with respect and care. Whether humans are the primary cause of climate change or not, we surely have a responsibility to reduce pollution and guard against destroying our environment. I don’t believe this means abandoning our technology. Humans are incredibly creative and are capable of resolving so many problems. But if we feel that is healthy to take care of our world, we can become more aware of how we contribute to its well-being or its degradation. Well-being is a central theme within all our messages and it extends to the world around us as much as to our personal health and happiness. Take care of our planet. It’s the only place we have to live.

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Day 107

The world is full of leaders. We have managers, owners, directors, heads of government and an endless array of leaders. What we seem to be lacking are good leaders, people who are capable of introducing positive change into their areas of influence. We seem to resist change, even when it’s for our benefit, but successful leadership often involves change, introducing better ways of running our lives, our responsibilities, even our countries. I want to see more people using their influence to create change for the better at every level of our society, taking better care of ourselves and our environment, focusing on well-being and a happier, more fulfilling existence. Sometimes we have to take the initiative and be the change we seek in the world around us. We need to exercise our ability to influence the people around us and create improvements that benefit everyone. Societies need good leaders. But societies also need people that can influence the world in a wholly positive way at every point of human interaction. Let’s begin by making our individual influence into a force for improvement wherever we may be and turn the world into a better place for everyone.

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