Day 86

I’d like to encourage you to develop a much healthier relationship with your body. This is a subject we touch on a regular basis because it’s so important to total well-being. We tend to have the most negative reactions to our bodies and this is potentially harmful to our health, happiness and well-being. So I’d like to remind you to start the day by remembering to smile at yourself in the mirror. It might feel uncomfortable but it helps to establish a more co-operative relationship between your body and your subconscious. Learning to appreciate the miracle of your body, despite what you might feel it looks like, is a fundamental step towards healing, restoring, rejuvenating and strengthening your body. So let’s show some positive appreciation for the home we live in for the entire duration of our lives: our bodies.

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Day 124

Would you like to look younger? Would you like your body to be stronger, fitter, slimmer, more comfortable to live in? It must be an important subject because we spend billions every year on cosmetics and plastic surgery to improve our appearance. But are we doing everything possible to keep ourselves in the best possible condition? We all understand that diet and exercise will always play an important role in keeping our bodies fit and healthy but we sometimes overlook the fact that stress can accelerate ageing and provoke a range of unpleasant side effects. The good news is that as soon as we begin to release the physical effects of stress, our bodies begin to recover, to repair the damage inflicted by sustained tension, to realign our health with optimum physical functioning. So if you’re interested in looking and feeling younger, start by recognising the effects of stress and give your body the best chance of health by learning to relax, breathe and let go of all of your anxieties. Your body will most certainly thank you!

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How to look Younger

image (27)When you look around your home and notice the cobwebs, the dirty windows and the places that need a good scrub, it’s easy to spot the areas that need attention. House cleaning may be a necessary chore but we all recognise the need for cleaning up our living space, even if it’s for aesthetic purposes and the satisfaction of bringing order into the occasional threat of domestic chaos. But what about our bodies? How do we know if the body really needs a spring clean? What are the clues that might prompt us to take action? Fortunately, most people wash every day. It’s part of our culture. We recognise the signs and apply soap and water as a daily habit. But what about the inside of the body? What about the parts that soap and water can’t reach? The parts that are not usually visible without the aid of medical scanning and testing equipment? It’s obvious from the explosion in obesity rates and the increase in diseases that our insides cannot be as healthy as Nature intended. This is largely a result of our dietary choices and one of the critical areas that is most severely affected by poor food choices is the intestinal tract: our dear old friend – the gut.

Modern research, especially in the field of Epigenetics, has identified the gut as a primary source of many modern diseases and general ill health. In their natural, healthy condition, the couple of kilos of bacteria that live in the gut can promote and sustain great health, assisting digestion and enabling the body to function with peak efficiency. An imbalance in the intestinal flora can cause havoc, challenging the body’s immune system and leading to chronic long term illness. One of the most effective ways to correct these nasty and potentially destructive imbalances is to cleanse the gut and re-establish the most natural intestinal environment that our bodies require.

How do we do that? Don’t worry. The technique doesn’t involve, soap, water or brushes! It involves a few days of intelligent eating. That’s right. A few days of eating natural, raw vegetables. Raw vegetable fibre is one of the best ways to correct imbalances in the gut. Cut out everything else for a few, short days and your body will start to get better. And remember to drink plenty of water too. The improvements can happen very quickly. It’s a fabulous way to de-tox your body. It will help to re-set your metabolism. If you stick to the method for three whole days, you can re-set your insulin levels and that’s one of the most important changes you can engineer in your body for effective weight loss. You might notice the changes in your appearance too. Lift the burden of toxicity from your body and Nature will reward you amply. You’ll look younger, healthier, fitter. You might even consider applying the cleansing technique on a regular basis, perhaps once a month.

Some people find the method to be so effective that they follow up on the cleanse by applying it for one day a week. It really couldn’t be easier. It’s safe. it’s natural. It’s effective. And your body will be deeply grateful for your loving, caring support and consideration. Now would be an excellent time to start.

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