Happiness – Aspect of Human Condition

happinessAmongst the world’s sowers of wisdom the Buddha lent his understanding to every aspect of the human condition. One of his most popular quotes reminds us that happiness is not a goal, a product of doing or getting something. He suggested that it is a way of being. A powerful state of mind. This is a timeless reminder that enduring happiness cannot be found outside of ourselves. It is a state of being that flows from our hearts. It is not a temporary distraction from the cares of the world. It cannot be found in the fleeting experiences that occupy our senses. The inner sense of peace and calm that sets the world in a different framework is the foundation of health and well-being. Become the happiness you seek and you will find it everywhere. This is another example of the timeless perception that the world reflects our inner state of being. As we experience the world through our emotional filters, the world becomes a mirror in which we see what is in our hearts.

Day 95

Feeling good about yourself is not a luxury. It’s an essential part of well-being and learning to accept yourself is an important part of discovering your deeper potential for happiness and fulfillment. This doesn’t mean that we simply surrender to our faults and imbalances and unhealthy behaviors. But if we feel inspired to improve our lives, it’s very helpful to begin by accepting ourselves as we are and using that sense of calm and positive self-awareness as the foundation for any changes we wish to make. I suspect we create far too much pressure in our lives by measuring ourselves against some artificial standard of perfection. We don’t have to be perfect. Making mistakes and getting things wrong are normal aspects of our human condition. Perfection is an abstraction. Well-being is something that we can feel and experience as a healthy and uplifting aspect of every moment of our lives. So look in the mirror and smile and enjoy the feeling of well-being that follows.

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