Move- Essential for Long Term Health

Move1Learning to relax is an essential component of our strategy for wellness but it’s helpful to remember that our bodies also evolved to move. We spend so much of our time sitting down that it’s easy to forget the importance of physical exercise. Our bodies really need to move. Movement is essential to our long term health. It’s incredible to think that in the developed world most people rarely take any form of physical exercise. This contributes to health problems, including heart disease, obesity and a general deterioration in the quality of life.
Our bodies need exercise to improve health, to reduce the effects of stress, to maximise our efficiency and improve our chances of having a long life. Our bodies are the only place we live in for the whole of our lives. Let’s make a commitment to making our bodies as comfortable, healthy and happy as possible. We owe it to ourselves. Walking is a great way to kick start the body’s potential for greater fitness. If you haven’t exercised in a while, start gently and make sure you have no pain or discomfort. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and a place to walk. Not too difficult, eh? Begin today.

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Day 110

Do you feel that you get enough sleep? Is your sleep deep enough to allow your body and mind to recover from the day’s exertions? Do you wake up feeling refreshed or do you struggle to get up in the morning? A good night’s sleep is essential for normal, healthy functioning and a lack of rest can trigger health problems and a permanent sense of fatigue. Preparing for sleep is a vital part of our daily routine and it’s essential to end the day in the most relaxed way possible. That’s why we need to create a little space before we intend to sleep. No TV for the fifteen to twenty minutes before we plan to sleep. No books, papers, magazines, internet or games. We have to relax, breathe more deeply and focus on releasing the background tension from our posture. This is the time to tell yourself very clearly that you are going to enjoy a really great night’s sleep. That you are going to wake up feeling refreshed and totally ready for the day ahead. This is the time to train your mind to follow your instructions and tell your body what to expect. These are very simple yet extraordinarily effective techniques. All you have to do is use them every evening before you go to sleep and the changes in the quality of your sleep will amaze you.

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Day 164

Are you getting enough sunshine? Despite all the scare stories about the effects of sunlight on our skin, most Northern Europeans are surprisingly deficient in Vitamin D. The effects of too little exposure to the sun can be surprising. Even in the Summer, we cover up and apply total block sun screens, hide under beach umbrellas and avoid getting the sun on our skin. Too much exposure can obviously cause damage to the skin but too little is often a source of different kinds of health problems. Vitamin D deficiency can produce problems in the immune system, mental and emotional imbalance and interfere with the body’s metabolic function, leading to depleted energy levels and muscle fatigue. Supplements are one solution but the body prefers to produce Vitamin D naturally from moderate exposure to sunlight. And sunbathing is a much more fun way to boost your body’s health!

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