Focus- An Extraordinary Intensity

Our capacity to focus can produce an extraordinary intensity in our lives. What do you focus on? Do you find yourself thinking about the problems and difficulties in your life? Or do you deliberately look for the positive, affirming and fulfilling aspects of your daily experience?It’s surprising how our consciousness filters out so much information and tends to notice the things we want to see. If we are intent on seeing difficulties, disappointment, problems and unhappiness, our awareness will narrow our field of vision to pick up these negative elements.

But if we look for positive data, things to celebrate, experiences that help the spirits soar and the heart to feel glad, it’s amazing how our perception shifts to accommodate these positive and life-enhancing phenomena. We really are surrounded by good things. It’s vital for our well-being that we learn to notice them.
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Day 139

Freedom in its most powerful expression can be found in the discovery of our deeper levels of consciousness. We spend most of our lives constrained by the conditioning of our early experiences, trapped in the invisible prison of our upbringing, living as if the limits of our beliefs define all that we can be. But there is so much more. Learning to recognise the limitations of our conditioning. Experiencing the personal growth that flows from changing our perspective. Tuning in to our deeper levels of expression. This is the pathway to personal liberation.

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