Success starts from dreaming!

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FullSizeRender (4)Do you ever dream of being more successful? Do you ever imagine yourself living a much more successful life? Transforming the dream into reality begins with a vision of what your idea of personal success would look like. You always need to start with a goal. You need a clearly defined description of exactly what you want to achieve. And when you’ve formulated your goal, you write it down and carry that message with you, repeating the formula as often as you can during each and every day. But, to engage more of your latent resources, you also need a vision.

Modern research in the field of neuro-science suggests that we can exercise a surprising degree of control over certain parts of our brain by selecting thoughts and feelings that support a clearly described goal or vision. It seems that when we imagine ourselves in a particular situation and reinforce that view with positive emotional statements, our brains endeavor to find ways to make that imagined scenario a reality. It’s partly connected to the brain’s very useful filtration system that evolved to ignore vast amounts of unnecessary information. It’s estimated that we’re exposed to some eight million pieces of data or information every second – background noises, the texture of clothing on our skin, random thoughts, temperature changes, itches, pains, odors, physical pressures on our bodies – the list is truly impressive. But the brain’s Reticular Activator System filters most of this superfluous and distracting information away from our conscious awareness so that we may relax or focus according to the circumstances.

FullSizeRender (10)However, once you begin to translate your goal into a vision, a perfectly imagined visual portrayal of your aims, the internal pressure activates the filtration system to start scanning for opportunities to turn the vision into a reality. Instead of excluding vast amounts of data, the RAS becomes a well-tuned radar that seeks out information that can assist in realizing your goal. Many people report their surprise when unexpected opportunities seem to turn up, almost miraculously, out of the blue as they practice a daily focused meditation on their goals. The reality is that the opportunities were always there. We simply didn’t notice them until our filtration systems became properly attuned to our particular vision of how we intend our lives to be.

Your personal vision of the future should always be expressed in the present tense, as if you have already achieved your goal. Add a very positive emotion to your description and include an active verb. Imagine the picture of your future success in every detail. Each time that you repeat your personal statement that describes your goal, add the vision and allow yourself to feel the joy, the satisfaction, the fulfillment of achieving whatever is important to you.

coverThese methods are hardly new but the constant quest to push back the barriers to our knowledge and understanding of how our brains function adds greater depth to our ability to use our minds more productively. Success in any field of endeavor is one of the rewards of using our minds the way evolution intended.

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