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Stretch_itBusy people, busy lives and not enough time to take care of everything. Does that sound like you? We are often asked if there is one thing that busy people can do to make the greatest contribution to health and well-being. Is there one simple answer to this complex question? From a physical perspective, the single most important contribution to your health, strength and well-being is flexibility. That’s right. Flexibility.
People often give up exercise because it becomes painful. Lack of movement leads to a degeneration in joint mobility, a decline in strength and a marked reduction in overall physical and mental conditioning. This decline in exercise often leads to weight gain and movement becomes even more uncomfortable. The answer is in flexibility. Careful, gentle, daily stretching will enhance mobility even in the presence of injuries. Flexibility boosts mobility. If you can move, you can exercise. If you exercise, you get stronger, fitter, and healthier. Exercise boosts brain functioning.
The key to all these benefits is flexibility. A little stretching every day is one of the best long term investments in your health that you can make. You don’t even have to stand up to stretch. You can make gentle, controlled moves while seated. Just make sure every move is pain free and let your natural potential to be a little more supple show up in your posture.

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