SLEEP!…..The Cure for all Ills!

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Sleep is such an incredibly important part of a healthy life yet we often forget to appreciate the benefits of a good night’s rest.
We take sleep for granted. And that’s true for most of us – until something goes wrong. But the reality is that very few people sleep well. Most of us seem to wake up in the morning feeling tired and definitely unrested. The consequences for our health and well being have been studied intensively in recent years and we now appreciate more fully the connection between insomnia and depression. In fact insomnia may even be one of the causes of depression.
To test this theory, research has been conducted at Ryerson University in Toronto, focusing on patients suffering from depression and the usual insomnia associated with the condition. Instead of offering prescription medication, the patients received counselling in a series of conversational therapy sessions over a period of eight weeks. The sessions were twice as effective at curing insominia as conventional medication or placebos. When the insomnia was cured, the depression lifted.
This breakthrough in the treatment of insomnia and depression could mark a revolutionary turning point in the way we treat these conditions. As I mention in my recent book on how to sleep well, there are several important principles to apply to the art of a good night’s rest and the researchers at Ryerson advised their patients to follow very similar guidelines: no food in bed, no TV, no reading, no laptops and no mobile phones.

The results have been described as ‘the biggest advance in depression treatment since Prozac’.

If you need better sleep and recognise the importance of real rest and recovery to boost your health and well being, download my comprehensive guide now and learn how to make sleep a natural part of nighttime routine.

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