Sleep- Don’t Over-Stimulate Your Mind

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sleepIf you ever experience difficulty sleeping or feel that you could sleep better, there are many factors to consider that can influence your nightly rest. Diet plays its part. Poor circulation or lack of exercise can also interfere with your sleep. But most of us get into bed with all of the stresses and strains of the day on our minds and in our posture. So, when you go to bed tonight, try a different approach. We touched on sleep on Day Two but it’s such an important subject that we’ll remind you to follow these principles until they become a natural habit at bedtime.
First of all, don’t read or watch television for the twenty minutes before you intend to sleep. If you over-stimulate your mind, it will be harder to fall asleep. Next, learn to relax your body, your entire body, from head to toe. Relax your face, neck, shoulders, limbs – everything. And breathe a little more deeply, gently inflating the chest, holding the breath for a second or two, then breathing out slowly and deeply. This simple process can help you to unwind, slow down, relax and prepare for sleep. Don’t skip this essential ingredient in your Total Transformation Programme. Great sleep improves every aspect of our lives and the Programme won’t deliver all of its amazing benefits unless you follow the powerful evening routine for great sleep.
You’ll notice the difference when you wake up and feel more refreshed, more energetic, calmer and ready for whatever the day may bring you. A better night’s sleep will help your mind and body recover from the pressures of the day and equip you to become more resistant to stress as each day unfolds. Learn to relax. And breathe.

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