Rest ‘n’ Recovery

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Rest3Good sleep is a vital component of great health and a productive life but most of us haven’t developed the right habits before switching off the lights at night. We need to create a space between the day’s activities and our nightly rest period. This means no reading or television in the fifteen to twenty minutes before we go to sleep. Some experts recommend that we cut out all mental and visual stimulation for the three hours before we sleep but fifteen to twenty minutes should be enough time to switch off our mental activity and relax. That’s the essence of the technique. We switch off and relax. We relax our bodies, let go of all the stress points, breathe deeply and let the mind settle into a natural and relaxed state. This calms everything down and prepares us for rest, recovery and recuperation. You’ll notice the difference when you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face anything the day might bring. That’s a truly great way to improve the quality of your life and put you into a very positive frame of mind every single day.

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