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images (3)There’s a very popular segment on You Tube that discusses the 40% Rule and explains that when you think you’ve reached your maximum point of endurance in any endeavour, you’re only aproaching the 40% mark of your real potential. That’s an astonishing revelation and it has been amply demonstrated by Navy SEALs whose training encourages them to go far beyond the limits of what we might believe is possible. Marathon runners expect to hit ‘the wall’ anywhere between the sixteen and twenty mile point in the race and yet they train themselves to go beyond that barrier and reach their destination. That incredible potential for breaking beyond the 40% limit that often defines where we would like to stop or quit is a superb faculty for each of us to develop. It’s a fabulously rich resource to tap into.

Resilience is a very powerful resource to deploy in any situation and it’s one of the strengths that each of us can develop to help us overcome our limitations. That often means developing a strong belief system that will carry us through the criticism and negativity that inevitably accompanies our attempts to reach further on our life’s chosen pathway. When you practise the discipline of believing in yourself and in your ability to reach your goals, you move closer to that truly fulfilling stage of becoming unstoppable. But first, you need to decide what it is you really want.

images (4)For most people, life seems to happen as a series of events over which they feel they have very little control. That attitude encourages a tendency to drift along, sometimes hoping for something better, but often simply underlining a sense of resignation. If you want to exercise greater control over your life, you need a sene of purpose and that’s where goals can play a massive role in shaping your future destiny. Because goals give purpose to life. This is your starting point. Choose precisely what you want. Describe your dream or goal in detail. Get excited about it. Now set a date when you intend to achieve that goal. Be precise. Set the time on the exact day when you intend to hit your target. And write it all down. Now you have a goal and your life is about to change.

But none of us should feel that we need to break free of our limitations on our own. We all benefit from a support team that we can turn to, a group of close friends or family who won’t let you quit when the going gets tough. A mentor who will offer you advice and encouragement and the unquestioning belief in your power to get wherever you choose to go. A partner perhaps who looks at you and only sees a winner. This is the kind of support that surrounds you with an air of invincibility and keeps you focused on your dreams. Your personal support team accepts your word and holds you to account in fulfilling your potential. They’re right behind you so they’ll never accept any excuses you might want to make for quitting.

The process of becoming unstoppable, becoming more resilient, more powerfully anchored in the beauty of your chosen goals will certainly produce changes in your life. It will also produce changes in you and that’s one of the unexpected benefits that shows up as you embrace the process of becoming a more powerful version of yourself. We can learn to welcome change. It’s a sign of progress. After all, if everything stays exactly the same as it is right now, how can things get better? Change is natural and it can work very much to your advantage. Ultimately, that’s what change is for.

Cover pageIt’s a sad fact that many people turn away from the whole concept of goal-setting because they’re afraid to fail. So they avoid all risk of failure by never trying in the first place. Allow me to share a very important insight with you: just in case you didn’t know it, failure is a perfectly normal part of everyone’s life. So now you know! Embrace it. Celebrate it. Failure is the proof that you’re trying! And just because you fail doesn’t have anything to do with your willingness to keep working towards your goal. That’s what resilience is all about. That’s why the feeling of being unstoppable is so important. Yes, you’ll fail. But you’ll keep on going until you reach your goal. And whilst you’re busily preparing to reach your destination, remember to enjoy the journey. Smile. Laugh often. Celebrate your good fortune because you’re one of the few who has a clearly defined goal and the resilience to get there. Congratulations!

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