Real energy- how do you get yours?

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IMG_0934Do you get an energy boost from caffeine? Do you ever feel the need to revive your spirits with coffee or caffeine-based drinks? Like many people, I enjoy the taste of good coffee but, if you need a better energy boost, try breathing more deeply and see what happens when you introduce more oxygen into your body. Deeper breathing calms you down, energises your body, improves your thinking and lifts your spirits. And it’s totally free! I’m going to encourage you to breathe more deeply during the next twenty-one days. It’s so powerful, I’m amazed you don’t need a prescription for it.
When you take a deeper breath, remember to keep your throat relaxed. If your throat begins to tense, you’ve filled your lungs as much as you need and you can begin to exhale. If you breathe out powerfully and feel you are really emptying your lungs, you’ll help your body to detox and that will boost your energy and concentration levels. It’s a truly powerful and virtuous cycle. Take a moment to try it right now and notice the difference you can make just by breathing a little more deeply. Try it every hour to awaken and refresh your mind and body. Feel the power flowing through your body. This is nothing more than your natural energy circulating through your system and your body will be smiling in appreciation.

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