Quantity or A Quality Sleep

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cover (5)Do you feel that you’re stresed? Let me give you a clue. One of the most revealing signs of stress is an inability to sleep well. Whilst there are many causes for poor sleep that range from trapped nerves to restricted breathing to painful joints and muscles, a surprising number of people simply don’t sleep well because they’re stressed. It may be a question of quantity – not having enough hours of sleep for your mind and body to fully recover. Or it may be a question of the quality of your sleep. And how can you tell whether you’re getting enough in terms of both quantity and quality? It shows up in the way you feel when you wake up. If you wake easily and feel refreshed, that’s a very good sign that you’ve slept well. If you still feel tired and have the feeling that you could use some more time in bed, the chances are that you haven’t slept well. And it shows.

Fatigue is a killer. More road accidents are caused by fatigue than by drugs or alcohol. That translates into a startling fact: if you’re tired, you’re more dangerous on the road than someone who’s been drinking. Think about that for a moment. More accidents are caused by fatigue than by alcohol. Yet you’ll get into a car and drive even when you’re yawning and feeling sluggish and far from adequately refreshed.

There’s evidence that a lack of adequate sleep can lead to serious compromises in your health. We know that stress can age the body prematurely but a lack of sleep has also been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, poor concentration, low libido, unhealthy food cravings as well as depression and anxiety. This is not the complete list but I’m sure you’ll get the message: a lack of sleep is bad news for every aspect of your life. So what can we do about it?

get-a-good-nights-sleep-with-melatoninSome of the best methods for ensuring a great night’s sleep encourage us to develop a set routine every night that will gently condition us to relax. The routine means switching off all electronic media at least half an hour before we get into bed and that includes television. It means we learn to relax every muscle in the body and breathe a little more deeply. We keep the bedroom lamps tirned down low and eliminate all blue light from the sleeping environment. We allow enough time to get all the sleep our minds and bodies need. We tell ourselves that we’re going to sleep deeply and peacefully. We remind ourselves that we’re going to wake up feeling wonderfully refreshed and ready for whatever the day may bring. We develop our own personal routines that become habits, simple behaviours that support a great night’s sleep, every night.

The difference to your wellbeing can be profound and the improvement in your health very pleasantly surprising. We’re much moe capable of dealing with stress when we’re refreshed and relaxed. So make a commitment today to start sleeping better than ever before and make every night a truly wonderful, relaxing experience. You deserve it.

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