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image (6)Posture Checking….are You doing this regularly? Are you sitting comfortably?? Good. Then let’s begin. There’s a high probability that you sit in the same position for far too long during the day. Not just the same position. Probably the wrong position too! Vast numbers of people spend their day hunched in front of a computer screen, hammering away at a keyboard, hardly breathing, moving a mouse round a mousepad and wondering why their bodies get uncomfortable, stiff and tired. Meetings are another potential source of discomfort. The fact is that humans rarely sustain their focus and attention for more than twenty minutes at a time so those hours-long meetings can sap the will and energy of all the participants. The answer to this particular pair of problems is incredibly easy and simple. All you have to do is move. That’s right. Move.


Stand up and stretch your back, arms and shoulders every twenty minutes or so. Move your head round slowly and gently, unlocking those tired neck muscles. Breathe a little more deeply. Drink some water. In other words, let your body move for a few precious seconds two or three times an hour and you’ll feel so much more awake, focused, able to concentrate. Move those shoulders a few millimetres to the rear and lift those ribs a fraction as well.

These micro adjustments will help to shift your weight from those tired and stressed back muscles to the powerful core muscles deep in your abdomen, the precise muscles that evolved to do pretty much all the body’s physical work. If you’re in a meeting, it might be more challenging to suddenly jump up and start stretching and breathing heavily just as the manager endeavours to deliver a vital key-note speech!

But you can stretch gently whilst sitting. Unlocking and rolling the shoulders, rotating the head and breathing more deeply. Less obtrusive perhaps but quite effective in helping you to maintain concentration whilst lowering stress levels and easing the familiar pressure that tends to build up in neck, shoulder, back, butt and leg muscles. Try it today.


Try it every day and share the ideas with your colleagues for a calmer, happier and more productive environment.

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