Positive Influence

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Positive InfluenceExpectations shape the outcome of many events in our lives. Does that sound realistic? Do our expectations really influence the way that things happen in our lives? Well, so much happens as a result of our interaction with other people. If we develop positive expectations in our relationships, this attitude shapes how people react to us. A positive expectation shapes our perception of the world around us. Our brains process data according to these patterns of expectation. When we adopt a positive frame of mind, people mostly react to us in a similarly positive way. This positive behaviour can influence the way people behave towards us and that in turn produces positive results. So our expectations can profoundly influence the outcomes in our lives. Your mission is to learn to expect positive results from friends, family, colleagues and situations. Learn to see positive potential in every situation. Programme your brain to expect really great, positive outcomes. The results can be both revealing and very pleasantly surprising.

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