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IMG_4281Are you an aspiring author? Would you like to become a successful author? Writing can inspire passion, enthusiasm and an extraordinary range of emotions but making it work as a successful, royalty-paying, commercial enterprise needs far more than the basic ingredient of raw writing ability. Achieving your goals and ambitions in any environment depends on applying the principles that govern all aspects of success. After all – success is not an accident. It’s the result of a process and that process applies as much to writing as it does to any other endeavour.

Learning to set goals that will inspire you and encourage you to grow, creating powerful visions that will shape your behaviour and harness your creativity, developing great habits that will pave the way to your success – these are the mechanisms that lead to the fulfillment of dreams and the attainment of your goals. And they apply just as much to the discipline of successful authorship as they do to any other form of business. After all, if you intend to turn your writing into an income-generating business, you’ll need to follow the principles that govern all commercial activities.

IMG_4263It’s very attractive and often misleading to imagine that writing is little more than a pleasant diversion from the pressures of the daily grind. For those who work at their keyboards every day, crafting material that they would like people to buy and enjoy, the demands are more than challenging. It’s like any other job but with a great deal of additional pressure. It requires planning, discipline, application, sustained effort and a great deal of determination. A professional writer, after all, is cover authoroften an amateur who simply refused to quit. But every author needs to understand and apply the essential rules that underpin success, to allocate and marshal the right resources, to choose the right activities, to aim for the highest achievements and be prepared to face disappointment along the way. it’s a business and, like any other business, fortune favours those who are the best prepared.

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