Planning for better wealth-building strategies

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image (16)“Money!” What’s your immediate reaction as you read or say that evocative word? How do you feel in response to such a simple five-letter word? The fact is that this particular word generates strong feelings in most of us and, when we understand how we feel about the concept of cash as a whole, we can gain valuable insights into the way we usually behave when it comes to controlling its powerful influence in our lives.

The word produces so many different reactions because it reflects the power that it represents in the world, dominating so many aspects of our lives, determining the quality of how we live, where we live, the kind of work we do, our independence – the list touches everything we do. And before we begin to consider how to regulate its influence in our lives, before we begin to plan for better wealth-building strategies, before we embark on our grand scheme for enjoying a better quality of life or for changing the world around us – we need to understand how we relate to money from the perspective of our subconscious, that great uncharted realm that holds the keys to our programmed conditions and responses, the unquestioning source of much of our daily behaviour.

Most of us are blissfully unaware of this extraordinary part of our minds, unaware of the layers of conditioned behaviours that became embedded in our thoughts and feelings during early childhood and which continue to exert their influence throughout our lives – unless we learn to recognise their impact on our minds and identify how to channel these powerful drives for our benefit and fulfilment. It’s a potent subject that extends into every aspect of our lives but any plan to create a wealthier lifestyle begins with our underlying attitudes. The conscious mind might function as a brilliant tool for organising and analysing the world around us but much of our behaviour reflects the deeper, unconscious layers of conditioned reflexes. This is where we can achieve astonishing breakthroughs. This is the gateway to new levels of success and happiness. This is an area which we’ll be exploring together through these Blogs and through other media from the One Life Wellbeing Group.

We really hope you enjoy the experience!

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