Peace and calm… you want more?

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IMG_0926Not a hippy mantra but a powerful insight into human creativity. Cultivating calm in our lives is a hidden and powerful secret that really increases and enhances our creativity. Calm helps us to focus on our tasks without the usual tensions or stress. Most of your stress is completely unnecessary and an obstacle to real progress. Stress is just a habit, a conditioned reflex that you learned in early childhood! A calm mind helps us to broaden our perspective, remain centred and promotes feelings of confidence and a sense of really being in tune with ourselves. The most effective way to bring calm into our lives is to breathe more deeply and more powerfully, slowing each breath until we begin to release our physical and emotional tension and let the calmness bring a deeper sense of peace to our thoughts and feelings. Let calmness become your normal state of being and tap into your deeper layers of creativity.
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