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Pull up a chair and join your friends, Greg, Beran and Chris for an informative and entertaining Podcast on the most important subject of your life – you! The One Life Wellbeing Podcasts are your weekly invitation to get the latest info, tips, hints and advice on your total health and well being. It’s your life!
We’re here to help you make the very most of it. Full of personal insights, practical info, guest appearances and the light touch you know so well from the Team at Parry Wellness, the One Life Wellbeing Podcasts are the easiest way for you to kick back and let the experts do the work whilst you relax and pick up tons of fascinating ideas on how to maximise your health and put wellbeing at the top of your personal agenda.
If it’s connected to well being, it’ll be on the Podcast agenda. If you have particular areas you’d like to suggest for future broadcasts, don’t hold back. Let the Team know what you’d like to hear about and they’ll turn the spotlight on the subjects of your choice and bring you the latest research and ideas from their network of international doctors and scientists from around the world.
If you’ve ever wanted to sit in on a conversation with these dedicated wellbeing specialists, tune in to the weekly Podcast and feel the positive energy and motivation flowing from every session. It’s about you. It’s about your well being. It’s for you. It’s the Onelife New Wellbeing Podcast.
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