It’s all in the mind

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image (20)Have you ever wondered about the mysterious connection that links what you’re thinking with the way you feel? Is it a simple coincidence that our thoughts seem to connect with our health and well being at such a fundamental level? Do our thoughts and feelings really influence our bodies so much?


Is it something I’m thinking?


Well, the short answer is “Yes”! Of course our thoughts affect us. When you think of something scary, your body reacts as if there really was something out there that to be afraid of. That’s why fiction works. That’s why we react to the emotionally-charged images and sounds in film and theatre. The mind draws us into the plot and we react – physically, emotionally and mentally. So our bodies don’t seem to be able to distinguish between what is real and what is only imagined. That sounds as if it could be a curse or, perhaps, an amazing blessing in diguise. If we could learn how to focus and control our thoughts, we could learn to produce extraordinarily positive results in our thoughts and feelings but we could also produce very positive changes in our bodies. Does that sound like something really, really useful….?


O.K. So it’s all in the mind…


The term ‘psychosomatic’ is borrowed from the Greek words for ‘mind’ and ‘body’ and reminds us that our minds do not exist in isolation from our bodies. Our thoughts are a powerful framework for our health, our energy, our well being and our capacity to influence how our bodies function. The challenge for us humans is that most of our thought processes seem to be running on automatic pilot. Our thoughts have a life of their own. They pop up when they want to and run around our heads without the slightest regard for how we’d like to feel. Thay don’t obey us. They don’t ask permission. They just run riot through our heads leaving a trail of disturbance in their wake. But it doesn’t have to be like this. We do not have to be the salves of our undiciplined thought processes.


Do you mean there’s an alternative??!!


Our thoughts tend to represent the mental habits we developed at a very early stage of our lives. But habits are not permanent. They’re simply habits and we can change them. Oh yes we can! Humans have an incredible potential to train the mind, to bring our thoughts gently but firmly under control. It’s just like every other worthwhile thing we’ve ever learned. It takes practise and a healthy dose of persistence but the results will most likely astonish you. It’s not a question of exercising iron discipline at every waking moment. It’s about choosing times when your thoughts learn to respect your will. That is one of the most powerful qualities a human can develop. We’ve known this for thousands of years and now is a perfect time to bring the benefits of this ancient knowledge into our daily lives,

We’ll be looking at some of these techniques during our next Wellness Workshop at the VUB on 15th September. You won’t need any special equipment. Just bring your mind along for a spot of obedience training and see what a difference it makes to the rest of your life!

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