Is your life regulated by an alarm clock?

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time-371226_1920Time seems to dominate our lives from the moment the alarm clock wakes us to the last moment of the day before we go to sleep. Our lives have become more organised, regulated by the unforgiving discipline of the clock.

But time is supposed to serve us rather than control our every action. The pressure of the daily schedule can create enormous stress and shift our perspective into a constant contest between looking over our shoulders at the past and imagining the oncoming future.

The problem is that we never really occupy this moment of power that is the present. Everything that we intend to do, think, feel or experience is rooted in this present moment. The past has gone.

We need to let go of the past. The future has not been written. All is created and decided in the present. Becoming calm and experiencing the power of the present allows us to focus clearly on whatever future we desire. If we simply repeat the same thoughts, feelings and actions, we will always have the same results.

If we change how we think and feel, we will create a different and perhaps better future, simply by making full use of this sacred, magical moment of the present.

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