Incredible Review of Reaching Your Goals Like a Pro

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5195gojfJoL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_This is one of the best books I’ve come across on how to become a successful, published author and congratulations to M C Simon for producing such a remarkably helpful guide. This is a comprehensive and thoroughly-researched account on all the steps that are necessary to becoming successful as a self-published author. It’s always gratifying to seek the advice of someone who’s already achieved exemplary success in their chosen field and M C Simon is a well-established number one best-selling author. That’s surely a great starting point for anyone who wants to write about the principles of becoming a successful author!

The content is simply outstanding. The process begins with the seven essential steps to formulating your goals and this is where a prospective writer will find all the breakthrough advice they could ever need to get their writing career off the launch pad and into orbit. This is where it all begins and the author’s advice absolutely hits the spot when it comes to finding the motivation to take action. On a personal note, I’m a life-long fan of Mark Twain and his timeless quotes and wit are used to season the book with a delightful coating of wisdom and humour that lightens the tone and reminds us that all of our challenges as prospective writers are truly nothing new. I’d like to give full marks to the style of the book too. This is a book that has been written from the heart, a guide that is full of warmth and encouragement and a handy reference work that provides a truly comprehensive approach to getting your writing project into print. The entire process of producing your own book has been divided into fifty clearly written sections in order to cover every eventuality that could effect your project. That means that you have within the covers of a single volume an impressively complete map to the entire realm of self-publishing. Even though the book was intended for new writers, it’s full of such great tips, market-tested advice and laser-sharp, practical information that even more experienced authors will benefit enormously from the breadth and scope of this comprehensive guide. M C Simon is a winner. So too is this punchy, potent manual on the principles of writing success. So if you’re thinking about becoming a writer, this is the number one resource you’ll need next to your keyboard. Get it now and start enjoying your new career as a writer.

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