Identity- You need to Improve

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identityWho are you? The fundamental problem we face as humans is that we really don’t know who we are. This identity crisis creates inner tension and conflicting thoughts and feelings. We’re conditioned from early childhood to play a series of roles that help us fit into family, society, culture and the work place. But do any of these roles really represent who we are? More importantly, if we really don’t know who we are, how can we really expect to know who anyone else is? If there is one task in our lives that can resolve the really important questions about our existence, it is surely to understand at the deepest level who we are. This is a personal quest for which no adequate words exist. It is a process of realisation and understanding that shifts our awareness from the conditioned reflexes of early childhood into a richer and more meaningful expression of self. Ultimately, it is in answering this most demanding of questions that our purpose can be fully discerned and expressed. Meditation is the simplest way to explore the answer. Take a few minutes to slow down, breathe gently and relax. Let go of all the distractions around you. Let go of all the thoughts and feelings that float across the screen of your inner attention. Relax. Eventually your thoughts will become quieter and you’ll notice a shift in your perception. This is the real beginning of meditation. And people who meditate live longer, healthier lives. Within the stillness you’ll find all the answers you were looking for.

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