Happiness is not material

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afghani-60699_1920Isn’t it simply ironic that our possessions seem rather to possess us! Happiness is a state of mind and a way of being. Being blessed with material comfort is wonderful. Finding the powerful energy of happiness in our own hearts represents a different order of magnitude in the scale of human experience.

Happiness is one of the most powerful and essential ingredients for complete wellness that a human being can experience. We tend to associate happiness though with specific events, situations or conditions. Our entire culture supports this assumption and we’re conditioned by advertising, fiction, entertainment and the media in general to believe that as long as we have certain things then, in some mysterious way, we’re bound to find happiness.

So why doesn’t this brilliant assumption work? Why is it that the more we have, the less we enjoy it? I am not suggesting that we dispose of all our treasured possessions so that we might aspire to true happiness and contentment.

Learning to feel at ease with ourselves in spite of our imperfections, cultivating inner peace and calm in the midst of a chaotic world, allowing the power of happiness to shine in our hearts – these simple mechanisms set us free from the world’s illusions and provide us with something truly beautiful: the reflection of the greatness that is within every person on the planet.

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