Feelings- An Emotional Experience

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We are all deeply affected by our emotional energy. Our feelings influence how we relate and connect to other people and some would say that life is essentially an emotional experience. But our health and well-being are often at the mercy of our emotional responses.
It’s time to bring our feelings more closely under our control. It’s time to learn to relax and give up the habit of responding instantly to every situation with a ready-made set of feelings. Pause for a moment. Ask yourself where all these feelings come from. Breathe deeply. Relax your shoulders. Find a calmer state of mind. Now you’re learning how to control your thoughts and your feelings. You are allowing yourself to feel stable, centred, calm and in control. This is the foundation of well-being. You no longer have to react the way you were taught as a small child. Now you have options. Now you can choose better emotional responses and free yourself from your early conditioning forever.

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