Every aspect of our lives is seemingly touched by financial issues.

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man-311326It’s quite amazing that we worry so much about money. Does that sound familiar to you? Either we’re panicking to scrape together enough cash to cover the bills or we’re worried about losing whatever we’ve managed to stuff into the piggy bank. The result is usually the same: worry, stress and anxiety. Money tends to have that effect on people. It’s an unexpected source of concern for pretty much everyone. But why is that? Is it because we have too little or because we have too much?

I’ve known some very wealthy individuals who could never be described as even remotely happy. All that money and they were constantly miserable, always complaining. And I’ve been to parts of the world where the grinding poverty would break your heart yet people worked together in a spirit of co-operation and laughed together in the face of crushing adversity . So, does money – of itself – make you happy? The answer – surprisingly – seems to be ‘No’. And poverty has very little to recommend it either. So where does that lead us? Well, whatever our circumstances, we can all feel much calmer and more at peace with the subject of money if we can learn to stop worrying so much about it. The worry does not help in any way whatsoever. You might as well be shaking your fist at the tide. Worry is so often an exercise in futility.

Money is a dominant factor in our world. Every aspect of our lives is seemingly touched by financial issues. Get a job, get married, get a mortgage, have a family – every step is full of financial implications. Couples argue more about money than about any other subject! But worrying diverts our attention from finding ways to improve our situation. Our energy becomes do deeply focused on the problems that we don’t have creative energy left over to work out the answers. Learning to feel a little more relaxed around money takes practice. Learning to breathe a little more deeply and taking stock of the situation in a calm and logical manner means letting go of the fear and the habits of stress. Appraising your circumstances coolly and objectively sheds light on the problem, stimulates your creativity and helps you to deal with the problems so much more effectively.

No more tantrums and frustration. Just a few powerful, deep breaths and a fresh perspective, free of the fear and open to new possibilities. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful new friendship with the power of money.

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