Drink that sunshine

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man-329817_1920Are you getting enough sunshine? Despite all the scare stories about the effects of sunlight on our skin, most Northern Europeans are surprisingly deficient in Vitamin D. The effects of too little exposure to the sun can be surprising. Even in the Summer, we cover up and apply total block sun screens, hide under beach umbrellas and avoid getting the sun on our skin.

Too much exposure can obviously cause damage to the skin but too little is often a source of different kinds of health problems. Vitamin D deficiency can produce problems in the immune system, mental and emotional imbalance and interfere with the body’s metabolic function, leading to depleted energy levels and muscle fatigue.

Supplements are one solution but the body prefers to produce Vitamin D naturally from moderate exposure to sunlight. And sunbathing is a much more fun way to boost your body’s health!

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