Do YOU Have Financial Abundance in YOUR life?

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Money certainly makes the world go round but does it circulate freely in the midst of your busy life? Probably not as much as you’d like. Despite the thousands of titles and downloads on the perennial subject of making money, very few of them focus on the most essential element in the art of bringing material abundance into your life.

The missing ingredient? What on earth could that be? Is there some subtle, magical formula that’s designed to guarantee a plentiful and constant surfeit of cash? In all my years of research, I haven’t quite found that elusive magical formula but there are things we can do to put the odds of success on our side. So, what is the missing ingredient?

Well, my friend, the most important element in the equation of attracting abundance is – your attitude towards money. Surprised? It might not be obvious but the emotional fabric of your reaction towards wealth determines much of what happens in your life in terms of financial abundance. The challenge resides in the fact that the greater part of the emotional framework is concealed within the hidden layers of the subconscious.

The emotional architecture isn’t entirely obvious or visible but it serves to drive much of our behaviour. And that certainly includes the bulk of our attitudes and reactions, especially to such an emotive subject as money. So we might freely confess to a desire for more cash and the benefits that a surge of additional wealth can bring to our lives but, if the subconscious isn’t in agreement with that desire, the results will usually disappoint.

Money can be an intimidating commodity to confront. It represents an enormously powerful force in the world and most people are more than a little anxious around the subject. We either struggle because we feel we don’t have enough, (malnourished piggy bank syndrome!), or we’re afraid of losing whatever we’ve managed to accumulate, (drained piggy bank anxiety syndrome!).

Either way, the fear element predominates and we develop a series of negative reactions and attitudes towards money that effectively blocks our attempts to create more wealth in our lives. Intriguing, eh? Our underlying attitudes govern much of what happens in our lives.

The Total Abundance Blog will lift the lid on this important subject and share ideas and methods to equip you to develop real, tangible abundance into your life. Stay tuned because things are about to get really interesting.

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