Do you have a spirit of generosity

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generosityDo you have a spirit of generosity? Do you enjoy giving as much as you enjoy receiving? The question has relevance because sustainable wealth creation depends very much on our attitudes – and a spirit of generosity lends support to our belief in the global abundance of money.

The principle of generosity is a beautiful extension of the well-publicised concept of the ‘attitude of gratitude’. It’s an essential advantage in wealth creation to learn to appreciate what we already have, to recognise the wealth and benevolence that already surround us. We begin to expect good things – rather than always focus on the negative aspects of life – and this shapes our vision and beliefs of what is possible in our lives.

Generosity extends the principle by sharing your success wherever you go. You certainly don’t need to go to extremes but a simple, spontaneous gesture to a homeless person can make a difference to the way your heart reacts to the situations around you. We step beyond the knee-jerk reaction of judging another human being and make a contribution to their well being. It’s as simple as that. You move beyond the habit of always feeling limited in your financial potential and learn to be more generous with the cash rattling round in your pocket. Don’t wait for the world to become a better place. Be the change you want to see.

As you add a measure of help to another’s life, you open your heart to the potential of greater things happening in your own life. It’s a virtuous cycle and, as there are far too many people in the world living in desperate circumstances, you’ll never be short of opportunities to make a difference. Walk through your life with the spirit of generosity at your side.

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