Determination – Towards your Goals

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determination-concept-26271530Success does not necessarily happen easily. Persistence is an important factor in achieving our goals. If we could add one element to the daily equation of achieving our aims, it would be to keep trying. Never give up. Keep your goal in front of you. All the time. Put pictures on your wall. Stick messages on your computer screen. Remind yourself at every level of what you want. Keep Post It notes in your purse. Broadcast the message to yourself all the time. Never get discouraged. Persist. Insist. Keep moving towards your goals every single day.
If one method or pathway doesn’t take you where you want to go, don’t change the destination. Hold fast to your heartfelt desires and be prepared to change the way you get there. Change the pathway, not the goal. It might take effort. It will certainly take commitment. But once you’ve visualised your destination, start living into it, imagining the great feelings you’ll experience when you get what you’ve chosen. This engages the subconscious to work with you rather than against you. Take heart. Have courage. Keep going. Persist.

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