Day 97

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Practical advice to help you get in touch with your stronger, more powerful self: relax! As I’ve mentioned on several occasions, we learn to be defensive at a very early age and this habit influences our behaviour for the rest of our lives. The physical effects of this defensive attitude can be seen in our tense shoulder, neck and back muscles, the tension in our chests and the difficulty in breathing deeply. This defensive stress has been called ‘body armouring’ and this description sums up the problem perfectly; we go through life wearing layers of protective armour, physical, mental and emotional defences that create the illusion of being protected.


The challenge for us is to stop, breathe and begin to remove the armour, to peel away the false layers of security that shape our behaviour and discover the power that lies beneath the delusion. It isn’t a comfortable experience to relax our guard for a moment. We naturally feel vulnerable but this is how our fears trap us. Learn to let go. Release the fear and tension. Breathe more deeply and experience the revolution of living beyond the shadows of your fear. It’s the first step towards freedom and a return to a more natural and healthy way of living.

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