Day 85

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One of the causes of depressions and anxiety in our society is the deep feeling that we really are not in control of our lives. Many people suffer from a feeling of being powerless, that they can’t make a difference to their lives or circumstances. This feeling of helplessness leads to a form of mental and emotional slavery, a sense of being trapped and imprisoned in our lives. The moment you realise that you and only you are in control of your circumstances is a moment of true revelation. The energy we use to bind ourselves in the delusion of helplessness is the same energy we can use to set ourselves free. This is beyond some theoretical notion of freedom. This is a direct and powerful realisation that you really can experience extraordinary levels of liberation right now at this very moment. Relax your shoulders. Change your posture. Breathe. Your body responds immediately to these positive inputs. Your thoughts and feelings respond to your new posture and deeper breathing and you’ve suddenly created an extraordinary change in your emotional and mental well-being. The power is within in you. It always was. Use it for the most positive outcomes.

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