Day 84

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If we can challenge our views on how we see and feel about the world around us, we can change our perspective and discover better ways to experience life in all it’s glorious complexity. Reality is very much an extension of our beliefs. The limits and restrictions, frustrations and stresses of our daily lives are deeply connected to how we perceive the world. Our brains are conditioned to confirm our view of reality at every opportunity. So we tend to see things the way we want to see them even if the results are painful and unpleasant. This is a regrettable way to live because it denies so much that is truly wonderful. So our first step is to do something uncomfortable and challenge our own views, attitudes, reactions and options. Why do we think and feel the way we do? Why do we get angry? Where do our frustrations come from? As you learn to let go of your view of the world, things will appear in a different light and there lies the doorway to a brighter, more intense and more satisfying way of living. The choices really are yours.

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