Day 82

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Medical science is changing our perceptions about ageing. When I was a child, the average fifty year old was considered an old person, slipping slowly into decrepitude! Today the perception is radically different. Fifty is seen as a young age in which people can be incredibly fit, active, healthy and full of energy, enjoying life to the full. The contrast is remarkable and medical science is enabling more people to live longer. So we all have a duty to ensure that our bodies stay in the best possible condition to provide the most comfortable place for us to live for the rest of our lives. Stay active.


Move your body. Learn to enjoy life to the full. That sense of freedom and fun helps to keep the body functioning at peak levels of efficiency. As I’ve suggested before, keep your mind active too. Living longer is a wonderful product of our improved understanding of the body’s mechanics but keeping the body fit and healthy means that a longer life can give us so many more opportunities to treasure the gift of longevity.

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