Day 79

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image (29)People expect me to encourage them to exercise and make time for physical fitness but it’s often a surprise when I advise runners to give up their sports for a while and learn to improve their posture. I’ve worked with many Marathon enthusiasts and long-distance runners over the years and most of them have created long term damage and injuries to their joints because of bad posture. That’s a regrettable and unnecessary side effect of the way most people run today.


It’s important to remember that humans evolved to run. It’s an essential product of our ancient evolutionary past to be able to jog long distances to find food. But the key to injury-free running is to use the body the way that Nature intended. That means minimal pressure in the lower back. Flexibility. Relaxed shoulders. Natural tension in the deep abdominal muscles and a smooth, easy running style. I’ll continue to advise people to move their bodies but only when we’re confident that we can run without pain, injury or unnecessary strain.


Let’s respect Nature’s wisdom and celebrate the miracle of our bodies by exercising with care and complete awareness of whatever we’re doing.

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